Kitchen updating ideas


When was the last time you changed those shelf liners? Putting down a fresh nonstick liner will give you an opportunity to take everything out of your cabinets (and put them back in an organized way), and clean the cabinet or drawer so you start out fresh. I used to have ugly, gray laminate floors in my kitchen, and it made a huge difference when I first put down a red 4x6-inch cotton rug a couple years ago.There are simply so many uses for a non-slip liner. My favorite nonstick liner is this non-adhesive version from Duck (.49 from Amazon). I've since upgraded to FLOR tiles, which were easy to install.They also purchased a wet saw and cut the glass tiles for their backsplash themselves.Take a look at The 7 Kitchen Remodel to pick up a few money-saving pointers and design ideas.

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Whether it’s browsing our Apron Blog for tapping the shared know-how of our kitchen experts and customers or tapping our kitchen buying and project guides for specific step-by-step information on completing the projects, big and small, we have you covered.

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I'm always so inspired by dream kitchens like this cottage kitchen in Maine or any one of these gorgeous, glamorous spaces.

I appreciate the details, materials, the layout — all the finer things that make it special and swoon-worthy.

These homeowners wanted copper accents without paying top dollar for the real thing.

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