Updating entourage


Back up In case anything goes wrong in the upgrade process, you should back up your Entourage database.

more info Compared to Office 2004, Office 2008’s first service pack is nearly a full year earlier in coming, which indicates Mac BU is aggressively working to squash reported bugs.

By contrast, Outlook for Mac stores each email individually, and then has a reference file to keep track of each email. (It’s too soon to tell if this is actually true.) This is one of the many reasons why so many people have been looking forward to Outlook for Mac.

If you’re moving from Microsoft Entourage to Outlook, here are some tips on problems you may encounter, and how to make the transition easier.

I found that I was able to upgrade my mail to Outlook, but then when I tried to move mail into folders, the database crashed.

So instead I created a new mail identity and reloaded my IMAP mail, which solved the problem.

However, they do not take up huge amounts of space. The newsgroup cache file contains a list of known newsgroups from the server.

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