Guigui and aaron yan dating

Aaron Yan has been single for 3 years now after his last girlfriend he hasn't gotten into another relationship, taking on another chance he is now on the show A Date With a Prince the same show his fellow band member Jiro Wang went on.

Aaron Yan's video instantly made all the girls on the set uneasy...everyone muttered "Who is it?

Aaron too did the same."Ahh...something could be amiss... He then added with a smile, "Whether it's soy sauce or sugar, I think this teriyaki sauce will still end up with the right taste...""Oh yes," Gui Gui agreed.

"It's gonna be sweet afterall..." Following, she pondered the rest dreamily in her heart, "Like right now..this special day..." She was not certain if he knows that she is enjoying every minute spent with him.

Gui Gui quickly came by smilingly with spoons ready for the task, "I'm pretty sure that our new chef here will work wonders!

All the girls throughout the show do not know how to respond until Aaron Yan's well known friend Chen Bo Lin shows up on the screen and half the lights go red, they all say it was because he is Chen Bo Lin who starred in the hit drama series "Wo Ke Neng Bu Hui Ai Ni" they all love him too.

Later that night over at Gui Gui's place, Aaron was lending her a hand in preparing a unique dinner for them both out of the groceries he had bought with her from the supermarket earlier that day.

Checking the time as well as the carefully stirring the mixture of ingredients in the saucepan, Aaron decided that they should try tasting to see if everything was done right.

When he was very young, he and his family moved to Connecticut, United States, where he lived for five years, and then moved back to Taiwan.

Gotta say thanks to those Gui Lun fans and shippers who continuously keep doing Gui Lun fanarts.

The Aaron Time (2014)Reality Show Release date: 9th May 2014Status: Released Aaron’s Reality Programme , a month of Aaron’s personal life to air, 21 cameras installed in Aaron's close space in the day and night to be seen on the screen.

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