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The lessons which Dick Hobbs adduces from George Chat-ham's sordid career [10 June] include one about television and real crime: both the risks implicit in the former and the morality of packaging the latter as entertainment, writes Pieter van der Merwe.

In 1951, so the story at the National Maritime Museum goes, its then director appeared in an early BBC broadcast showing the famed chelengk awarded to Nelson by the Sultan of Turkey after the Battle of the Nile in 1798.

Thereafter bars and regular security upgrades became the order of the day.

Forty-three years later, in 1994, the BBC did a documentary series on the underworld showing how "crime really doesn't pay in the long term" - except of course for television producers who know its fascination and make it a regular stock in tade.

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Shortly afterwards a lightweight army ladder appeared overnight against the wall of the then lightly armoured museum, a window was forced, an eight-foot sheet of case glass spectacularly smashed and the sparklers were gone.And those boys are pretty much annoying, imauture and sex-deprived.There is a military school, Hargrave, right next door, but most Chatham girls won't deign to go out with any of them.Browse our list of 67 qualified Hypnotherapists in or around Chatham.Refine by area (quit smoking, weight-loss, childbirth and more) and view information on fees, availability and contact details.Orange and Chatham Counties offer many shopping conveniences with a Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s located in Chapel Hill.

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