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We currently offer our dating products in 42 languages across more than 190 countries.

– about 9 million singles are 50 - and internal estimate based on Ipsos/Eurostat 2015 for UK – about 8 million singles are 50 .

It's easy to do business smarter, be more visible, and get better connected with The Chamber.

On December 17, 2014, President Obama announced that the United States would change its policies toward Cuba and move toward normalizing relations between the two countries. Airbnb’s operation empowers Cuban private homeowners and provides an opportunity for authorized US travelers to directly connect with the Cuban people.

Since that announcement, departments and agencies have made a series of regulatory changes to allow for increased economic development in Cuba that will continue to empower the Cuban people and advance our enduring objectives of supporting human rights, improving the lives of the Cuban people, and promoting closer ties between our countries. Carnival: Carnival will soon sign a deal that will allow its cruise ships to dock in Cuban ports and disembark authorized travelers.

But now, driven by ever-more sophisticated technology, and the exponential interest in online from China and Asia more widely, there are some new kids on the block, and they’re determined to succeed.

The founder of new e-commerce site Fruitspot, Jose Baptista, believes the fresh produce industry will one day choose to trade online as the preferred option.

“This industry needs e-commerce to happen,” he says.

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