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The SAR interpretations are correlated with anomalies observed in groundwater data from 383 wells.

Results suggest a relationship between the spatial organization of fluvial and structural features and the occurrence of low-salinity groundwater.

Des images Radar à Synthèse d’Ouverture (RSO) ainsi que des données topographiques et sur les eaux souterraines ont été utilisées afin d’appréhender les hétérogénéités de l’aquifère nubien, dans un secteur situé au sud-ouest de l’Egypte, entre 20 et 24,5°N et entre 25 et 32°E.

Today, people of Nubian descent primarily live in southern Egypt, especially in the Aswan area, and in northern Sudan, particularly in the region between the city of Wadi Halfa on the Egyptian-Sudanese border and Al Dabbah.

Additionally, several groups known as the Hill Nubians live in the northern Nuba Mountains in South Kordofan state, Sudan.

chanced upon an online course about ancient Egypt and signed up.

What was intended to be a diversion led, some six years later, to a voyage of 8,509 miles, to the orange deserts of Sudan. 350, mark the tombs of royalty of the Kingdom of Kush, which ruled Nubia for centuries.

At this point, the area of land between the 1st and the 6th cataract of the Nile became known as Nubia.

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