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Prepaid and Gift Cards: Join with a Prepaid card and get .00 in your i Friends Wallet.

When you join with a Prepaid card we authorize the card for fifteen dollars and give you twenty dollars in your i Friends Wallet. Contact us at 1-800-437-4363 for an immediate refund.

They will perform a physical exam, possibly a pap smear and cultures if needed, and a urinalysis (they will ask you to pee in a cup at every appointment throughout your pregnancy.) They will also check your blood pressure, draw your blood (or send you to a lab to have this done), weigh you (they will do this at every appointment too) confirm your due date, and answer all of your questions.

The maker of We-Vibe, an internet enabled adult toy, has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit alleging the company violated users’ privacy by accessing personal information using the app that allows the user or their partner to activate the toy remotely.

In hidden bases and underground labs, Yuri has been perfecting his own means for his turn at world domination.

While the war waged between the Allies and Soviets — from the sunny Florida Keys to a frozen Moscow — Yuri was quietly scheming, planning, testing, and devising.

History went on without him – Russian Premier Romanov signed a historic peace treaty with the Allies and the free world remained free.

Refining his mind-control technologies, he’s created an army of terrors, from mind-controlling tanks to long-range psychics, whose brains are their biggest weapons.

As many as one in five Americans suffers from chronic migraine headaches, an episodic condition exacerbated by a lack of consistent treatment options.

The settlement agreement says that this will restore the trust lost by the sex toy company when it began recording the instances and duration of vibrator use of its customers using the mobile app “We-Connect.”Two anonymous plaintiffs hit the sex toy company with the class action lawsuit in 2016 after they discovered that the dates and times and even the intensity setting of the vibrator they were using were being recorded by Standard Innovation.

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