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- Ask for help/complain to the helproom or the room moderators.Masala Chat Room for hot Indian women and hot Indian men that love to talk and make friends with Desi, Indian, Masala Indian, South Indian, Malayalam, Tamil, Desi, Pakistani, Sri Lankan and all other hot desi Indian masala men and women.Linguistically speaking, modern Malay is a fairly simple language: there are no definite or indefinite articles, the plural form of a noun is the same as the singular form, or sometimes it is repeated as in "barang-barang" meaning in English "things", verbs are not conjugated according to the present perfect, past or future tense, which is understood by the context of the sentence or by adding such words as "kemarin" (yesterday), "sudah" (already), "besok" (tomorrow), etc..English words of Malay origin include orangutan, gingham, sarong, bamboo, rattan, kapok, paddy, and amok. To learn other languages please check our homepage here: Learn Languages.

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Meera Vasudevan is an actress from Malayalam films. Though the movie opened to low box office collection, but it gain audiance attention after rare critical review.

She debuted in Malayalam movie against the Malayalam Mega Star Mohanlal in movie called THANMATRA. The movie is as good for cinema student as for general audiences. She is still struggling to make it big in Tamil or Telugu movies.

As Indonesia and Malaysia became independent after World War II, Malay became the national language of these states.

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