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David is an eco-adventurer who has been on a number of expeditions.

He formed the Myoo Agency which is a marketing agency for businesses who want to be sustainable.

But why isn't David de Rothschild being forced into the family's dirty banking business like the late Amschel Mayer James Rothschild?An August 2015 Article in the New York Time quotes the young heir David de Rothschild saying,"Everyone's like, 'Well, surely, you should just be a banker, and I'm like, 'Well, it could be an obvious route, but if I have a choice, which I'm fortunate enough that I do, do I want to sit in an office all day with a tie on..".Personally, I have a hard time believing that a person born a Rothschild has 'a choice' or that his family is fine with him doing what he does unless it is part of a nefarious arrangement of some sort.Early Zionism and carbon-14 French-born Edmond James de Rothschild (1845 –1934), a banker by profession like others of his kin, was an ardent early Zionist.He believed in peaceful coexistence by the dwellers in the land, and in building industry for the Jews to make a living.That would explain what happened to the mysteriously missing third ship the baron used to carry raw materials from France to a glass factory he had built at the coastal village of Tantura.

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