Aidan turner girlfriend dating


Eleanor, 22, has been seeing stunt rider Ben Atkinson, 21, for a while now and the pair are said to be smitten.They met on the set last April, while she filmed scenes as Demelza, and she was said to have been impressed with his stunts. And he”s incredibly proud of his girlfriend’s work.As an actor, is that the fun part of jumping into something like this? There’s so much going on in this show, and I found that in the second [season], too. We usually shoot by location, so you might be a week in Ross’ kitchen in Paris, so a lot of it is with Jud and Prudie and Demelza. And then, it changes and you’re tackling something else. There’s always a lot going on, certainly for me, anyway. It’s funny ‘cause I never saw him as a do-gooder, but a lot of people have brought it up, almost slightly aggravated. I’m really proud of it, and it’s a fan show to be a part of. Are you also itching to explore something contemporary again, outside of this series? It doesn’t feel like we’re doing some dusty costume thing for BBC. Until I’m on Skype or Facetime or something, I forget how ridiculous the whole set-up is.

To kick things off, Ross is accused of murder and luring a cargo ship to the rocks for plunder, and appears to be headed for the gallows. And you don’t know what you’ve done until it’s all over. It’s great to have perspective and it’s great to know they’re there, but I just cover what’s in the [season]. Ross Poldark seems like a role that’s transformative and life-changing. For me, anyway, every time we do anything physical like that, your heart is racing. ” And they said, “No, he doesn’t want to die either, mate. If he slips, we might have a roll.” You just have to hope something like that doesn’t happen.Aidan's incredibly busy with his career and Nettie's art is really taking off so they had a lot on their plates.' Proving to still be on good terms however, the insider added: 'It's all very amicable.'Mail Online has contacted representatives of Aidan for comment.Aidan and Nettie, who is an up and coming artist, were first romantically linked in late 2016 - after they were spotted enjoying a passionate lip-lock over dinner in October.His dad, who also works on the drama, said: ‘My son Ben does the tricky stuff.The reason he is Poldark’s double is because Aidan is a very precious commodity and they wanted Aidan to take as few risks as possible.’ There’ll be no more gawping over Poldark or his stunt double as it’s the last in the series on Sunday. He has captured the hearts of thousands of females across the country, as the hunky Captain Ross in popular BBC drama Poldark.

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