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Instead of over-thinking what you’re going to say or how she’s going to react, your focus should be on embodying your most confident self.That means good posture, eye contact, and a relaxed (not forced or smarmy) smile.Absence creates anticipation and a feeling of "If I don't see her now, I'll die." When he calls, "let your voice mail pick up now and then," says Sherry Argov, author of .

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After that first date with Joseph (who is now my husband!

They’re simply what’s known as “reachers.” They’re going after something better.

And since men initiate 81% of messaging on dating sites, they go for the “new nubile,” since the “old nubile” is decaying at an alarming rate. We see all these wonderfully slim, healthy, overly active people, and they become our barometer.

We do it because the truth is, well, pretty boring. If lying makes them seem less boring, we do it the same way people get Botox injections. By the time men are fifty-five, they’re looking at 47-year-olds.

Men don’t think they necessarily age better than women.

I was surrounded by encouragement, pre-date pep talks, outfit recommendations, funny first date stories, and an abundance of dating advice.

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