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Add to your online booking or purchase at hotel via our Wi Fi log in page using a credit/debit card. For just £10, make your stay more flexible with the option to drop off your luggage and go.We now offer this service at most of our hotels for an additional charge subject to availability.Dave or Sky 3 are not available on Freesat receivers.Although these two channels are available for free on Freeview in the UK, on satellite the channels are encrypted.To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here.This hotel has an on-site restaurant and bar that serves breakfast and tasty evening meals.There are many UK TV channels that are like this, that are available for free in the UK on Freeview, but not available on Freesat.These channels include: Sky 3 Yesterday Dave Dave ja vu Virgin1/Channel1 – soon to be discontinued Five USA Fiver Quest 4Music Viva Some of these channels are available without a monthly Sky subscription, but do need a free to view (also known as a freesatfromsky) viewing card. The main reason for this is that the satellite signals are available over most of Europe, and without encryption, would be freely available to other countries, where the broadcasters in these countries may have also paid for the broadcast rights to those programmes, reducing their “Exclusivity” deals in those countries.

These suites will also suite groups of 4 adults who don't mind sharing a bathroom, the bathroom has a separate access so no going through each other's bedroom.

Bookings made through our Central Reservations line are subject to a non-refundable booking fee of £2.50 per call.

Hardly a day goes by without someone contacting me asking for the frequency for Dave or Sky 3 on Freesat.

Channels 250-299 would be available to text services and streamed channels, such as Vision TV.

Adult services could either move into this section or be added just under BBC Radio 1 from channel 670-699 under two options being considered.

9 comfortable twin rooms with luxury zip linked beds that can become super king beds to suit your requirements.

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