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Technolorgy is an alternative electronic music project from Thessaloniki, formed in 2007 by DAV1D (vocals) and LAU (keyboards).

The band has opened for numerous major acts over the years in Greece, most recently for DIARY OF DREAMS.

As the album approached sell-out of its original pressing 2 years later, the 2CD “Endzeit Edition” reissue was released.

And while this sold briskly, it was followed almost immediately by brand new album “Dying Stars”.

It inhibits the person's capacity to think rationally, says Dr Yu, a trained psychologist who specialises in research on decision-making.

Another factor in how a scam achieves its aim is what Dr Lim describes as "herd mentality".

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Bob Krist, a Republican, toward the end of Tuesday’s session, and was scheduled to be voted on at 9 a.m. Law requires that a supermajority, or at least 33 of 49 senators, approve the motion.“I hesitate to do so as I know my resignation will be hailed as a victory to the progressive and aggressive liberal movement,” Kintner said, about 45 minutes before the chamber was to vote on his expulsion.Had the vote occurred, Kintner likely would have been the first senator to be expelled in the 80-year history of Nebraska’s unicameral body.If I am not able to assist you, I will work to find the resources that can help. I don’t think there is another word in the English language that provokes as much of an emotional response from information security professionals as much as ‘cyber’.He says: "We may deny it, but we tend to do what other people do or trust what other people trust, for example, a friend of a friend."John (not his real name), a retired lawyer in his 70s, signed a cheque for a loan of ,000 a few years ago to a man whom a good friend vouched for.

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