James dean natalie wood dating


“I’ve agreed to marry him one day.” But after several weeks they recognised that marriage would be disastrous.“Let’s admit the truth: both of us need babysitters,” said Dean. We’d end up destroying each other.” However even after they split Monroe remained possessive, berating him about his fling with Taylor.It was a look he perfected, because he was certainly narcissistic – encouraging photographers to follow him around, with one even driving in a car behind him the day he died.Composer Leonard Rosenman, who roomed with Dean in New York and went to Hollywood with him to write the score for East Of Eden, saw ‘a pathological desire for attention…

Her film career dwindled for the next few years as the struggling actress was cast in a number of secondary roles, often playing a lead character's wife or girlfriend, which she said she found "unsatisfying".He lived fast, died young and left a corpse mangled beyond recognition.Sixty years after James Dean’s fatal car crash a shocking new biography reveals the insatiable libido and tormented psyche of the Rebel Without A Cause star who slept his way to the top in Hollywood.“He would sleep with anybody to get ahead,” says Darwin Porter, author of James Dean – Tomorrow Never Comes.He was killed in a car crash in 1955 aged 24, six months after his first film, East Of Eden, was released, days before his second, Rebel Without A Cause, was to premiere, while his third, Giant, had only just finished shooting.I’ve been interested in Dean since I saw East Of Eden as a teenager; he was the first actor I’d seen who didn’t look like he was acting as he, like Marlon Brando, was pioneering a naturalistic form they’d learned at the Actors’ Studio in New York.“That little-boy-lost look and his vulnerability became his key to stardom.“He was difficult, selfish and insecure but he made love to some of Hollywood’s greatest beauties.” Amazingly Dean dreamed of marrying Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.

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