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“It tells me that people are valuing politics much higher as a preference than they were before. It’s another example of how massively our dating culture has changed over the past four years, partly because of politics and also because of technology.” Tinder allows people 500 characters to write their profiles. Since January, many are using that limited space to make it public how much they detest Donald Trump.“Around the time of the election, we did see some people who would call out that they were Trump supporters, but since then, I don’t know if people necessarily need to say online that they support him – he’s the head of our nation whether you like it or not,” Davis Edwards said.

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After police figured out Guy’s true identity, they provided Berman with a photo line-up.As far as dating is concerned, she turned to a Scottsdale company called Phoenix Singles in hopes of finding a man she could spend time with."They assured me that had men in their database that fit the criteria that I was looking for," Gray said.The website for Phoenix Singles says it has the most highly qualified relationship singles in the area.I paid ,795 for the service but initially, it would have been over ,000," Gray said.For nearly ,800, Phoenix Singles took photos of Gray and activated her profile for men to review. It would never work,” one user says in the opener to his bio on Tinder, a popular mobile dating platform that boasts 26 million matches per day.

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