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- Martin_Canine White & Nerdy - Weird Al Yankovic Weird Al's parody of Chamillionaire's "Ridin'" treats nerdiness in the most thug way possible, which is definitely a whole lot of fun (even though as of 2017 and Dat Adam's breakthrough in Germany it might be a bit out-dated).

- Martin_Canine Von Salat Schrumpft Der Bizeps - Kollegah & Majoe Kollegah and Majoe are two rappers known for their masculinity and their on stage gangster personas.

At about 4 am, we prepared for sleep, Lieb with a towel over his side of the bed in lieu of blankets, me with some extra 3X-size Film Drunk shirts I luckily decided to bring at the last minute.

A Young Doctors Notebook, 4 bölümlük mini dizi olarak ta 2017 İngiltere yapımı olan Ackley Bridge dizinin yönetmenliğini on East, Robert Quinn, Penny Woolcock yapmaktadır. Geçmişten ve günümüzden sırlar birer birer ortaya çıktıkça katilin de içleri 1939'da Avrupa savaşın eşiğindeyken on yabancı Güney İngiltere Devon sahili yakınlarındaki ıssız bir ada olan Zenci Adası'na davet edilir.

The premise is that Julien perfectly imitates all of Kollegah's trademarks and his style (including his different flows, double timing, multisyllabic rapping, homophones,...), but instead of being a butch and masculine pimp and gangster he is a feminine make up artist on here.

The song contains many references to Kollegah songs, most notably the beat resembling that of "Rotlichtmassaker", and the chorus being a mix of "Kuck auf die Goldkette" and "Big Boss".

What sleep I did get was on a twin-sized rubber mattress in a rented RV, shared with Matt Lieb, who’s 6’6″, only one of two Jews taller than 6’5″ on this trip.

There are six of us in this rented RV, and none of us have showered, as we made the difficult choice of electricity over water at the available RV hookups.

English site yahoo answers dating game since 2002 and as a major center of free black worship.

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