Second life dating

But that wasn’t that shocking because, for the most part, there seems to be no one in Second Life at all.” Today, Second Life limps along. As they comb the customer data for insight, they discover something interesting: Most milkshakes are sold to early-morning commuters who buy a single milkshake and nothing else. These commuters, according to Christensen, are “hiring” milkshakes to do a job for them: to supply a breakfast that is filling and nonmessy and cupholder-compatible.In the first half of 2011, the company reported that an average of about 1 million users logged in every month—which, you have to admit, is about 999,990 more than you expected. So to sell more milkshakes, the marketers don’t need to create a more delicious milkshake. Rather, the shakes need to be an ideal commute co-pilot.You—sitting right there, reading this article—you’re an avatar in Second Life. American Apparel, Dell, and Reebok, among many others, rushed to build virtual storefronts.

Either way the lives we create in here can contain so many different possibilities.One of those that I have personally seen and experienced over the years is the ability to meet people and date in Second Life.In real life you meet someone, usually go out on a date with them to a dinner, movie, a walk in the park, out dancing. Residents of Second Life have created so many wonderful places for us to use for this purpose.Someone actually used to words “What’s with the humans?” It was not the first time I’ve raised eyebrows at a club with an unusual choice of outfit, but it was definitely the strangest!You can go out shopping for a nice outfit to wear for your date. And truly, when you take that real life date out, are you there only for the food or are you really there to get to know them?

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