Updating ssn


Is your Social Security number (SSN) missing or incorrect? IU and go to SSN/educational tax credit verification. If you’re unable to change your SSN, please submit a scan or photo of your Social Security card through our secure contact form.Please wait at least ten days after your ceremony before going to the Social Security Administration (SSA) to ensure that data reflecting your naturalization has been updated.Current Employee – A person who is currently working for the University in a permanent or temporary SPA or EPA position.Finance Person – A person who is being reimbursed by the University Finance and Accounting services Guest ID – A user ID generated for a person who needs limited access to non-sensitive systems.

Once you receive a SSN, you must use that number for tax purposes and discontinue using your ITIN.

This Policy will define the SSN change procedures to ensure consistent practices across campus.

Background Check Person – A person who has had a background check processed by the University.

Historically, requests for SSN changes have been handled in a decentralized manner.

Since all Student and employee data is now housed in a single system and is utilized by a number of University offices and processes, it is important to standardize the process.

You will need your Certificate of Naturalization or U. passport when you visit the SSA to update your record.

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