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Written Opinion in PCT/US2007/017134, mailed May 26, 2008. “Free-standing All-polymer Microring Resonator Optical Filter”, Electronics Letters, IEE Stevebage, GB, vol.

International Search Report in PCT/US2007/017134, mailed May 26, 2008.

An apparatus and method for an inexpensive, simple to make, self-aligning molded waveguide made of an optically transparent material and that can be used to generate a grid or lamina of light for use with touch screen displays.

The molded waveguide substrate includes a plurality of lenses and a plurality...

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The low index of refraction of the ambient air allows the curved section to have a reduced turn radius and thereby allows the waveguide system to have a smaller footprint. Since curve openings 326A and 326B expose curve sections 324 of core channels 310 to the ambient air, core channels 310 can complete their respective turns with a smaller radius, r.53% of all patents are related to „Electrical engineering“. Most important clients are „KLA-TENCOR CORPORATION“ and „SAMBRAILO PACKAGING, INC.“. Office Action in Chinese Application 200580024970.4, mailed Aug. Office Action from Chinese Application 200580024976.1, mailed Aug. Therefore, the described embodiments should be taken as illustrative and not restrictive, and the invention should not be limited to the details given herein but should be defined by the following claims and their full scope of equivalents.This invention relates to optical splitters, particularly to optical splitters for use in optical touch screens.

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