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In one of the more curious celebrity-gossip items of late, TMZ posted some pictures earlier this week in which Orlando Bloom (who has been dating Katy Perry for the past few months, even wearing matching Tamagotchis with her to the Met Ball last week) was seen . Maybe Perry thought it was the most normal thing in the world to see these pictures!

we’ll go with a thing” images, but they also indicated an extreme closeness between Gomez and Bloom (who have been photographed together before, and would seem to have some sort of ongoing friendship) that would, at the very least, presumably incite some kind of “ummmm....? Though, on the other hand, who knows what these three people—all of whom have been famous for a while now—are or aren’t, or were or weren’t, aware of, or confused about.

She also worked in Europe in fashion shows organised by The British Fashion Export Council, but also modelled for some of the top London fashion houses at that time.Once I opened my eyes and heart to God I was overwhelmed with the amount of blessings I received.It is amazing what you see when you open your eyes! 'The Golden Triangle' should be required reading for every Christian single who is interested in living in the center of God's will." -- Bill Myers, author of "Fire of Heaven""It is at once profound, funny, interesting, and inspiring! " The idea for this book and bracelet came from a singles seminar I attended at my church.Saga Stevin has discovered the secret to healthy relationships: with self, others, and God" -- Dr. I had been divorced for a few years and had tried the "dating scene." I had friends and neighbors telling me I needed to join a dating service, needed to get out more, offering to introduce me to any single male they knew. I also did a lot of homework on this whole thing called dating.I seemed to be becoming an expert on what doesn't work. This is a love that is available to anyone who asks for it.

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