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Through the years Steffy has been tied into a number of love triangles until finally settling down and marrying the man of her dreams Liam Spencer [Scott Clifton].In real-life, Wood is dating an awesome guy - none other than Elan Ruspoli. He’s also done stand-up comedy, as he does in “Alec Mapa: Baby Daddy,” most of which is his one-man show, filmed last year during L. Some of the material has a specifically gay twist but a lot of the pee, poop and puke stuff could be from any stand-up comic’s routine.While he doesn’t get too sentimental too often, most of Mapa’s funniest material is in the early part of the show, including his impersonation of Bette Davis singing a Miley Cyrus song.

Nunez plays Erica while Davis plays Mitch but did you know the two were dating in real life?Yes, they are indeed a happy couple who have been dating for quite a while – check out some highlights of their relationship below!#fbf Around this time two years ago we took this pic after wrapping our first season of HAHN.Injuring herself on one of the tasks leads her to meet Dr. Jackson Rathbone, Shannon Woodward, Amanda Plummer, Rachel Melvin, Jerad Anderson, Blake Berris, Evan Sneider, Harrison Lees, Daniel J.They've been together for quite some time and have great chemistry.

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