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December$o: Current month in number with leading zero, possible values: 01, 02...12$n: Current month in number without leading zero, possible values: 1, 2...Outbound Proxy IP address or Domain name of Outbound Proxy, Media Gateway, or Session Border Controller.This document shows you how to change your Grandstream phone configuration so that the clock automatically changes based on Daylight Savings Time.If you choose to try beta release software, read the detailed firmware notes below and add any useful findings.NOTE: Phones running releases 1.1.6.x onwards cannot be downgraded later to v1.1.5.x or below Link to Grandstream's official firmware download page Link to the unofficial Grandstream firmware download page, which contains unreleased beta versions.

Bring heavy communications under control by utilizing the GXP2170’s high-line access, BLF/speed-dial support and other control focused features.

12$Y: Current year in 4-digit number, for example: 2006, 2007 ...$y: Current year in 2-digit number, for example: 06, 07 ...$P: Current AM/PM status in upper case, possible values: AM, PM$p: Current AM/PM status in lower case, possible values: am, pm$H: Current hour of day in 24-hour representation with leading zero, possible values: 00, 02...

23$h: Current hour of day in 12-hour representation with leading zero, possible values: 01, 02...

Language file postfix allows the language file to have different postfixes so the phone can request a particular file.

It will append an underscore "_" plus the string in the language file postfix. If the field “Language File postfix “has "NL" string in it, then the phone will request "gxp_NL.lpf" instead of "" User can only load one secondary language. Copy to the firmware server directory using your local TFTP or HTTP server. Access the advanced settings of the Web GUI, set “Display Language” to “Secondary Language” 6.

The GXP2170 is a powerful High-End IP phone that is ideal for busy users who handle high call volumes.

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