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The Consulate of the Netherlands in Munich stated, on request, that Mr de Visser was not listed in any population register in the Netherlands.

Refugees in Germany are being taught how to have sexual relations properly, in the latest odd attempt to help those that have arrived on the shores of Europe.

The Web address Harlem politician Robert Jackson used to run for Manhattan borough president has been taken over by a German company promising to fix readers’ sexual-performance problems.

The site jackson2013pledges to “show you exactly what you need to do to in bed to [last] longer” and “persevere with nasty and unusual tricks.” Jackson campaign spokesman ­Richard Fife said he did not know how it happened.

But for the majority-Muslim refugees, the website is unlikely to excite and critics are already accusing the campaign to be condescending.

Sex scientist, Heinz-Jurgen Voss said said assuming Syrian and Iraqi refugees know less about sexual pleasure than Germans was "racist".

Mr de Visser was registered as owner of the domain with an address in Terneuzen and a postal address in Venlo (both in the Netherlands).

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