Three dating challenges short guys face


Well, my boyfriend can lift me every which way, although I’ve never seen him joust (and surely it’s all dependant on the height of the horse?), but back to the point: this warped attitude that tall guys = protective is a bizarre one. And secondly, my 5ft 7in (ish) boyfriend is way better at batting off creepy guys in clubs than my 6ft something ex was (despite the fact that I’m perfectly capable of sticking up for myself, obvs).’ (The same as if he were taller.) ‘Do you wear heels? ’ (No.) ‘God, I couldn’t do that.’ (Is that a question?I don’t know how to respond to that.) Now, I don’t usually mind, but occasionally I get quite pissed off and snappy.People who are tall are more likely to be into the sports/activities I'm into (or at least to be good at them). it's sort of nice to FEEL like a girl sometimes. Or like if they can pick you up or throw you in the air or do something you can't.

As I wrote a while back in I mean, it's NICE when the guy is taller.

When we went out last time, guys who tried to dance with me were met with my boyfriend trying to kiss them on the mouth.

But *some* women also care more about dating an attractive/tall/rich/whatever superficial trait man than dating an intelligent, compassionate, awesome one.

Over the years, I’ve dated and slept with women of all heights, ranging from 5’1″ to six-foot tall amazons.

The trick is understanding how to make height less of an issue.

And I would venture that most women are the same was as me.

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