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Discoveries of pottery tools reveal that Arawaks from South America were the first settlers on the island, followed by various waves and ending with the Kalinago.

The French were the first European settlers in Carriacou around the 1740s.

I started searching for the scent as soon as I landed at the Maurice Bishop International Airport.

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On 26 October 1983, President Ronald Reagan phoned Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to apologise for invading Grenada - a former British colony - without her approval.

In the lead-up to the shock American military incursion the previous day, she had urged Reagan to prevent any action to remove a Marxist government and said she found the prospect "deeply disturbing".

Phone call between President Ronald Reagan and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of Britain October 26, 1983 1.28pm to 1.38pm Released by the Margaret Thatcher Foundation and taken from the Reagan Library archive We regret very much the embarrassment caused you, and I would like to tell you what the story is from our end.

I was awakened at in the morning, supposedly on a golfing vacation down in Georgia. We met in pajamas out in the living room of our suite because of this urgent appeal from the Organisation of East Caribbean States pleading with us to support them in Grenada.

After all, the athletics world had already been anointing this boy the “new Usain Bolt” for a good couple of years thanks to his quicksilver feet and precocious feats.

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