Bindingsource not updating datagridview


Do you think it is because of the First Displayed Scrolling Row Index?The Data Grid View control supports the standard Windows Forms data binding model, so it will bind to a variety of data sources.

I was looking at this data and seeing all numbers, but it is text since we could have letters. When it is I insert this barcode with a date and time to a SQL table with some string that I get from SAP.Also see How to: Bind Data to the Windows Forms Data Grid View Control Using the Designer. Run(New Form1()) End Sub ' Initialize the form. The enumerations used by sizing properties and methods have similar values for content-based sizing. You must then call the Auto Resize Columns method to adjust the column widths to the calculated ideal. For example, you might programmatically resize all columns immediately after loading data, or you might programmatically resize a specific row after a particular cell value has been modified. Get Preferred Width() methods or by calling protected resizing method overloads in a derived Data Grid View control.

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