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Some actors really give a job their all and fully commit.We’re talking full penetration of the heart and mind. Because we’ve rounded up ten films that weren’t interested in silly dry humping, they wanted serious sex. These actors (and directors) went balls to the wall, literally, and captured actors having real sex on camera.Look out, because there are oral and orgies aplenty.The man and woman were caught in the throes of passion near a concession stand at the open air Coliseum inside State Fair Park, and a video was soon uploaded to Facebook.Everett Lee Compton, 49, was arrested and taken into custody after Emert and Joyce Whitaker called 911 to report that a stranger was on their Siloam Springs property engaging in sexual activity with one of their two female donkeys.Cops found the suspect hiding in nearby bushes on July 17 after the pair noticed him in the acts on their cameras.Australian man Will Coe took it to his Facebook to share the news that his boat had been raided by thieves.Not only was the boat’s battery stolen but something else occurred on his boat: sex occurred on it.

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M & J had a number of satellite offices around the country, and after a chance meeting with Brian and Tawny Camden-Maine, a husband-wife team of sex therapists, we and another couple were invited to their Mc Clean, VA office to perform sexually, and anonymously, before the camera.However, it’s what he was caught on camera doing in a couple’s bedroom that has the tenant so upset.It all started from an alert from Logan Pierce's phone that led him to a startling discovery.The suspected couple, later identified as Desiree Anderson, 28, and Robert Beasley, 28, were taken into custody Monday and the case has been referred to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office for potential criminal charges. The couple appeared to know they were being filmed during their public intercourse. Go home.” The state fair, which opened last Thursday, runs until August 13.At one point in the video, the man’s bare buttocks is exposed and he is seen waving at the camera. Now I kind of don’t want to go in it any more.”The horny thieves haven’t been caught but Coe hopes that by sharing the stills from the video on his Facebook someone with information will come forward.

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