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And speaking of sweet, we have new pics of JB as a baby in our special Bieber family album -- sooo cute!Find out how she feels about getting older and what she still likes to do to have fun.

Yesterday after work I stopped by at Uniqlo shop in Siam Paragon and bought a new rain jacket after I've been using the old one for 6 years. As much as people/friends see me as an innocent girl because of my looks doesn't mean I am one.

Hollywood hunk Chris Pine has revealed he was given dating tips by his mum.

The 33-year-old Star Trek actor, who split from model Dominique Piek in April, admits he received lessons in the lost art of chivalry by his nearest and dearest.

A pair of assemblies at Payson High School on sex and relationships earned mixed reactions from students and adults for including a segment in which girls were required to miss class to attend a girls-only portion, but boys were given the choice whether to attend an after-school option.

The presenter, Brad Henning, has also drawn attention for the segregated sessions, in which he talked to girls about respecting themselves and how they should dress and act, while only giving boys advice on how to get a date. 27 and 28 were about building positive relationships through abstinence, self-respect and learning to recognize real love.

According to Dallas County Health and Human Services records, sexually transmitted diseases have risen sharply in recent years, with syphilis diagnoses increasing by 31 percent between 20.

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