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Planting native seeds is one small, but important step in safeguarding the web of life.Many sensible people are now enjoying the adventure, discovery and benefits that come with taking an active role in ecological landscape restoration.The trip from Fort Dix to Baltimore lasted approximately three hours.It had occurred to me that it was the first time in eight weeks that I actually was sitting in a relatively comfortable seat. True, one sits in training rooms and in the mess hall, but those chairs are built for function, not for comfort.If the kind of television you watch helps shape the way you think about the world, I and a lot of people of my generation were shaped not by what was coming out of RTE in those days but by what was on the British channels.

What Dublin kid needed Daithi Lacha and Wanderly Wagon when they could have Doctor Who and Catweazle?

Graciously, Doug Tallamy recently shared his life work at DFW event that we were so fortunate to attend. Help good People in pursuit of purposeful careers, those with rich skills and interests, to find us.

Learn more by reading his two books: Bringing Nature Home and The Living Landscape What is a D-pak? Great women and men make Native American Seed the go-to team for native seeds. Native American Seed has offerings for diverse people searching to exercise horticultural, agri-mechanical, or various computer skills to make a better future.

One person said, “I heard of Fort Meade, but I really don’t know anything about Fort Holabird. ” A couple other people were equally as ignorant about Fort Holabird.

I thought Christ, these people live here, and they never heard of the place? Finally, I asked the information person at the bus terminal, who mercifully knew what bus I should take to get to this mystery military post.

In the 1960s and early years of the 1970s, when Irish television was in black and white and most households had only one TV set, those of us residing in what used to be called “multi-channel land” considered ourselves blessed.

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