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The venue hosts free Fringe shows in six performance spaces around the venue, including in a marquee and busking in the courtyard.

There are also four public bars, indoors and out, a large courtyard space to enjoy a drink outside, and a host of food options, plug giant TV sports screens and also a hotel located just to the side.

The funniest folk in the festival, all hand-picked by your hosts - Steffan Alun (excitable, friendly and Welsh), and Chris Chopping (witty, pedantic, and tremendously clever).To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web, each member of the uk team is revisiting their very first memories of using it -- in this blog, that's uk's editor Nate Lanxon. I've just typed "sex" into an internet chat room and thought I was about to be arrested for it. " my friend Michael shouted, as my panicked fingers departed his father's computer keyboard and he ripped the modem cable out of the telephone socket. "That moment was a life-changer and I remember it as if it was yesterday.I was eleven years old, on break from school during the summer holidays and Windows 95 had just been released that week.I spent most of my money on computer magazines despite not owning a machine myself.I began finding the PCs of friends boring because none of them could connect to the net. Trevor Lock / PBH's Free Fringe The no-two-shows-the-same, expectation defying Fringe classic that never actually starts… Ben Van der Velde / Free Festival Some people are life's heroes: leading men and women full of swash, buckle and daring-do. As the credits roll and the heroes hump, join Ben off-camera as he salutes the Barney Rubbles, Boo-Boos and Dr Watsons of the world. With so many comedians performing in Edinburgh, here's the perfect starting point.

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