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But as Nagito's luck presents him a bit of a problem, he wishes he could be with anyone except Hajime.Castiel goes through something nobody wants to go through. It seems not even he, an angel, can completely glue himself back together on his own.You’re a free spirit who loves nothing more than to explore the big, mysterious world of the sea. You can’t be bothered with traditions of the land and are friend to anything with fins. Sure, you’re #unapologetic for taking the time to look glamorous, but there’s still nothing you love more than lounging around in PJs near a cozy fire. Your friends are very important, and you truly appreciate the relationships in your life. You are uniquely you and are #unapologetic about being yourself. You have a calming effect on all the people around you. There’s nothing better than being a mermaid, so be totally #unapologetic about it. You think on your feet and refuse to make puns about serious campaign platforms and platform shoes. You are a fantastic listener, and there’s always wisdom in your words. You defend the little guys (especially anyone who’s doll-sized) and are #unapologetic about fighting your way to the top. If there’s a beat, you’re probably already dancing to it. You haven’t let the passing of decades deter you from having an open heart. Lavellan hopes this is a one-time thing and he'll be sent to work in the kitchens with the other slaves afterwards but both Bull and Dorian end up very enamored with their pretty new toy."Be warned, there are graphic, horrible things in this fic.But there's also recovery, and backsliding, and healing. Jimin, the son of a Duke, stumbles upon a beautiful boy in an exotic pet shop - Jeon Jungkook, and decides to buy him.

Esares is the demon who was sent to kill him and has been paying the price ever since.

Much to the shame and disappointment of John Winchester, Dean presents as an Omega and John is forced to sell him. The only thing he's good for now is breeding, anyway. When the two of you ignore orders to stay put Cas and Dean get creative with your punishment. One night, Derek has a moment of weakness and sleeps with a former flame. When Hajime approached Nagito with the idea that they should hang out at the amusement park, he thought it would be a fun day, as long as he was with Hajime.

Requests/prompts/inspired one-shots taking place after Beautiful, Safe and Loved (although that isn't necessarily required to read before this, it might be helpful). Derek was the Alpha of Beacon Hills and Stiles was his emissary, having gained vast control of magic through a rather dangerous means. Both men still love each other, but the pain and lack of trust threaten to rip everything they've worked for to utter shreds. Can Stiles and Derek save their marriage while still trying to save the people of Beacon Hills?

The extensive use of leitmotifs in Undertale's soundtrack and other sound files helps create a nostalgic mood for the game and often evokes emotional responses in players.

Toby Fox has stated that the majority of Undertale's soundtrack was composed using reiterations of free Sound Fonts and synths.

”"When he falls for you, you just tell him you lied and show him what it’s like to be on the other side of the heartbreaks he causes everyone.” ------Keith hates Lance because he walks around like he's better than everyone and he decides to teach him a lesson. Derek and Stiles had a happy marriage and two kids.

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