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He said "Thank you madam" and was standing in the corner of the veranda. I adjusted my saree quickly, told him to wait, went inside and brought a towel for him to dry himself. He thanked once again and gulped the first couple of sips. May be he has some special variety that looks sexy and could surprise my husband when he is back...), So I said, "ok I will look at these ... When at home I normally wear saree during the day and if I don't have plans to go out, I don't bother wearing panties or bra. I could notice that he wasn't wasting any chance and was eyeing at my exposed legs as discretely as possible while he pretended to turn pages of the newspaper.ये वैभव और उसके दोस्त की बीवी की चुदाई की सच्ची काहानी है. उसका वह एक दोस्त बन गया Mr R( not real name) और वो भी पक्का. वैभव ने उसकी बीवी को बहुत बार गुमसुम देखा जेसे वो अपने पती से खुश नही है. Pheer dheere dheere dono me pyaar kee baatai hone lagee. Wo saham gayee par pheer usne uskee hoto kee dubaara chhummee lee, usne apnee aankhe band kar lee. aik do minute tak wo dono chumaa chaatee karte rahe.But it was a figure I could hardly make out standing at the door totally drenched. I told him to stay inside for some time as it was raining heavily.He was dripping wet and his hair was clinging to his head. He was drying his hair for a few minutes while I went to the kitchen for a cup of tea for him. " With that, I started mopping, without waiting for his reply. फीर कुछ देर बाद वैभव ने उसकी ब्रा उतारी और उसके चूचो को चूसने लग गया, दबाने लग गया.Vaibhav ne uske choocho ko maslaa or wo aahe bharne lagee. मेरे दोस्त ने कहा मी जनता था की यही बात होगी.उसने कहा भाबी अब आप साफ साफ बताओ की क्या वो आपको वो ख़ुशी पूरी तरह नही दे पाते . दुसरे सप्ताह मे आपके घर पर आऊँगा और आपको वो सब प्यार दूंगा बास आप तैयार रहना.अगले सप्ताह ठीक उसी दीं वो घर पर ओफीस से छुट्टी ले कर आया. वो आह ऊह करती रही, फीर क्या था दोनो मी छूत की चुदाई का काम जोरो से चलने लगा.वैभव ने उसकी पत्नी को पूरी तरह से छूत के चुदाई के मजे दीला दीये. Vaibhav ne uskee biwee ko bahut baar gumsum dekha jese wo apne patee se khush nahee hai. Usne kahaa bhabee ab aap saaf saaf bataao kee kya wo aapko wo khushee pooree tarah nahee de paata. Doosre saptah me aapke ghar par aaungaa or aapko wo sab pyaar doonga baas aap tayaar rahnaa.

Two more days were to go before my husband returned. I asked him what he was doing, trying to sell stuff in the mad rain.But I knew it was be a nice place to go and that nighttime walks on the beach with my wife would prove being erotic, because my wife always likes sex in strange places.As I packed our suitcases I knew I needed to take a little inspiration for the nights my wiferefused to have sex with me.In my view abitch is good for one thing, and that’s cooking andtaking care of a man’s babies. She probably came from this white breadfamily, would go to college and later marry some whiteguy. Those big blue eyes werefull with fright as she stared into my big black face,and she screamed again. The slap off my balls and herpanting filled our little world, and then I explodedinside her.They’d live in a nice suburb, drive big fancycars, and sure wouldn’t want anything to do with me. I ran down the path to the back of the bleachers, whereshe would be in a few seconds. I took out knife out (I always carry a nice long one). Shewas very pretty, with a young white girl’s special in-nocent look. She waswearing a heavy sweater, but her short white cheerleaderskirt showed nice shapely legs. I slapped her and moved the knife so she could see it. Like an animal in heat, I forcibly plantedmy seed in her. Her eyes got reallybig and a creamy look filled them.He had gone on a business trip for a week and 5days had already passed. I picked up the fallen broom from the floor and was walking back to the place the door bell rang. He said that he lived 3 stations away and was done for the day.

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