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strongly that Scott has no business preaching in a church. Melissa was the third wife to the “shock jock of televangelism” Dr. Th preached FOR was a staunch belief in the Resurrection, and the power of believing in Jesus Christ of Nazareth; that, and the therapeutic power of screwing with bureaucrats.” His videos are posted all over the Internet, and folks, he’s still raising a commotion posthumously apparently!I had mentioned her name to him because early one morning I happened to turn on the television and watched her teaching without bias. Supposedly Melissa had a pretty bad reputation and background (OK, I'm being gracious). But I think all of us who are Christians have that same initial tinge of electricity rustle our nerves in shock when we first hear the news about Gene and Melissa Scott's ministry. I remember watching him chomp his cigar and talk about how the Hebrew slaves hid the truth of Torah in the pyramids and if you add up lengths of corridors divided by heights of this multiplied by widths of that . AND if you line up the peaks of the pyramids they point true north. "His language is crude, abusive and profane, clearly violating God's standards for Christians." Scott protested to loud applause. " But it gets worse (depending on your perspective of course).Admittedly, there is a certain chemistry between the two of them, even when they’re at odds, or especially then.Fans think Mimi needs to give it up, and get that old thing back.Today Melissa says she has taught herself 20 languages.Her detractors say she can’t even speak Spanish, never mind the dead ancient languages of the Bible, and that no one ever hears her in anything but English.. Gene entertained Penthouse Pets and such at his ranch, and Melissa “was there, always dancing for Doc topless, showing her tits right away.” Melissa Scott, otherwise known as Barbie Bridges. Scott said that circulating photos were “expert Photoshop” works by obsessed weirdoes. Why would someone be obsessed over a secret that’s already out?

One image showed the woman with her legs spread wide, Virgin Mary and baby Jesus postage stamps covering her privates. " banner plastered across her bare chest; underneath, it read: "The Church Where You Can Do Anything ... Scott's Wikipedia page was so vandalized, it had to be removed; Web newsgroups devoted to the church were overrun by users posting more damning photos.

She told Voss, “I was never an actress in pornographic movies.” Yet photographers, ex-husbands, and friends confirm Barbie Bridges is indeed Pastor Scott. What could Scott lose — she has enough money to do nothing but shop for the rest of her life.

Today, the University Cathedral forbids cameras, and no one knows where Ms. If scholarship interests her, she can study at the most elite schools around the world — on horseback!

Gene was an eccentric bibliophile, historian, con man and crackpot.

Mansions, Kentucky horse ranches, a collection of fancy cars, a private airplane, 24-hour bodyguards — and the church — are all now hers.

By Ricki Says Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer First of all, as far as everyone over here knows, Mimi Faust is a lesbian, and has been since she introduced Chris, a couple of seasons ago.

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