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It is definitely hard and more often than not brings people to crossroads where managing a career with long distance relationship in other hand becomes really difficult.

But the good news for all those trying to make a long distance relationship work is that the hope is not lost yet.

Military life tends to take over a bit from time to time, but remember your individuality. Doing this will help your survive long deployments and separations so much better.

Connect with others in your community through Facebook groups, blogs and community events.

If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend heading off to basic training or boot camp, you will find this blog helpful and interesting.

Written by a young woman whose boyfriend went to Parris Island for Marine Corps Boot Camp this past Fall, she offers some great ideas for surviving his time away.

Perhaps you are already dating someone in the military but want to know more before making a serious commitment.This conventional way of communicating allows you to stay in touch even while away without any technology to help you out.And to be frank, it does make it a little more exciting with the handwritten letters and cards that smell like your spouse’s favorite perfume. Be understanding – Nothing works better than understanding your partner This is probably the most crucial long distance relationship advice.Here is something about long distance relationship advice that could do you a lot of good. Be honest – Transparency is the Key If you are in a new long distance relationship, you better tell the other person about all the complications of being in merchant navy.This could save you lots of misunderstandings and a broken heart later. Contact through snail mail – Old is Gold One of the most prominent problems in a long distance relationship is of lack of communication especially if you are in merchant navy.This could be military community members or civilians.

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