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In a separate 2016 Pew study on partisanship and political animosity, 55 percent of Democrats said the Republican Party makes them “afraid,” and 49 percent of Republicans said the same thing about the Democratic Party.

So, I ran away to Hollywood for one last ditch attempt at movie stardom.

For now, all I can say is that Lorenzo is playing a double game.

This was immediately after I shared my Hollywood dreams with him.It uses an algorithm that matches people by how much they like, dislike, love or hate a given topic, ranging from cheap coffee to Eli Manning.Example: In Louisiana, people hate being the designated driver, while in Kentucky, they hate friends who ask for help moving.“I just spent a lot of money here, and you’re telling me I’m too old?That’s rude.” I responded, debating on returning every item I had just bought.As for the other 48 states, there are some unusual “hates” worth noting, based on a Hater map featured in the Huffington Post: In Virginia, people hated watching someone dab pizza grease with a napkin.

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