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Presley, 49, and Lockwood, 55, her fourth husband, are locked in a bitter divorce battle following the collapse of their 10-year marriage.

In papers revealed exclusively by Daily last month, The King’s daughter claimed that she found ‘hundreds of inappropriate pictures and disturbing video’ on Lockwood’s computer.

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The little girl’s father has also confessed to some of the accusations, prosecutors said.

Searches of the two defendants’ apartments uncovered instruments that investigators say were used to bind and gag the small child.

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The sports legend is not happy about it, as any dad is protective over their children.

Magic also knows a thing or two about the fast-paced lifestyle professional athletes live today. He’s a no-go on the athletes and Dodger players,” she said.

On some occasions the girl had been gagged and thus placed in a life-threatening situation, prosecutors report.

A man who had met the father through an online dating site alerted child protective services in November 2016 to the case after the 28-year-old sent him photos and videos of the alleged crime through Whats App messenger.

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