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The physical structures at both Campbell River District General Hospital and Saint Joseph’s General Hospital cannot meet future needs for patient care and are currently preventing staff from providing the highest care possible.

Both of these aging facilities provide poor functional workspaces for staff and physicians and contribute to the challenge of delivering continuous specialist physician services.

Unfortunately, there is no provision under Section 14 of the Listing Agreement for the homeowner to cancel the agreement prior to expiration, should the Realtor not live up to the promises made in their original listing presentation.

Before signing a listing agreement, you should always pay special attention to the duration of the agreement and discuss openly with your Realtor what the consequences are if they do not live up to their pledges and promises.

Using song lyrics, stories from his own political life, a healthy dose of common sense and a lot of humour, George provided a road map for making it through the electoral term with your dignity, integrity and sanity intact.

He did an excellent job and was a pleasure to work with – we highly recommend him for speaking engagements and instructional work.

Comox “Predicting the Past; Understanding the Future”, BC Colleges June 20, 2016 Kelowna “The Vital Role of Parents within the Education System”, BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils April 29, 2016 Kelowna “Having Your Way With Government”, Keynote at Southern Interior Local Government Association April 21, 2016 Burnaby Inaugural Conference, Walk-in Clinics of BC Keynote March 4, 2016 Vancouver “Can Education Be a Kind of Magic?

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Carmen Love, who moved from Vancouver last year, has started Love at First Sit, a speed dating company.We offer scheduled flights to 17 destinations in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, through our southern gateways of Edmonton and Ottawa.Canadian North is 100% aboriginal owned by the Inuvialuit Development Corporation, representing the Inuvialuit of the Western Arctic. On the eve of Valentine's Day singles visiting Red Mountain Resort in Rossland didn't have to pass their time on the chair lift dreaming of what they could do to find a date for Feb. Instead they wore coloured hearts and were paired up with other singles when riding the double chair to the top of the slopes."If you just aren't hitting it off and it gets awkward, you can talk about the snow or the skiing or something like that," laughed Skied Dating organizer Tara Kowalchuk, speaking before the event Saturday."Even in an event like this you can still meet several people but you have that initial organic experience with them where really you can tell right off the bat: 'Are you attracted to this person? When asked if long-term relationships could come out of a speed dating encounter, Love said emphatically: "Yes, yes, yes." "If you're getting a vibe from somebody at an event like this where you know we're both here for love …

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