Ntpd not updating


(found by looking at the system logs through the console utility and filtering by "ntp").I gave apple support a third call to find a more suitable solution than editing config files.Luckily I got a full backup laying around, so the machine was up again in no time!But since then theres one problem bugging me: the NTP daemon won't sync anymore on boot and every reboot sets me back to 1970.As an example here is my output from remote refid st t when poll reach delay offset jitter ============================================================================== PRIVATE . I then bought a new (certified refurbished, actually) i Mac and migrated everything over from a Time Machine backup. When I unlock the system preference, the time then synchronizes to the correct time immediately. I read this answer and now have a total of 3 time-servers, but it doesn't seem to solve my problem.I talked to one of their senior tech support staff.

Once you get to three servers NTP can begin to mark clocks as "falsetickers" based on some internal metrics - those will show up with a status of 'x' when you run 5 is not a special number.When started, whether for the first or subsequent times, the program requires several exahanges from the majority of these servers so the signal processing and mitigation algorithms can accumulate and groom the data and set the clock.In order to protect the network from bursts, the initial poll interval for each server is delayed an interval randomized over 0-16s.The old parable about the man with one clock knowing what time it is but the man with two never being sure...One server is an obvious "truechimer" always because there's nothing to invalidate it.While the ultimate precision, is not achievable with ordinary workstations and networks of today, it may be required with future gigahertz CPU clocks and gigabit LANs.

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