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If you're signed into Chrome, cards and addresses saved in Google Payments will also show up in forms. Note: If a credit card is saved in Google Payments, go to payments.to manage your credit card.

When you’re paying for something online, the credit cards you’ve saved in Chrome and Google Payments will show up in a dropdown list.

If you don't see Autofill suggestions when filling out a form, the website might not be secure enough to use Autofill.

Learn more about how Google saves credit card information and keeps it safe.

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This example captures selected address components from the Google Places database into an address form.Below is an example test form that can be used to make sure your Autofill works.Chrome will soon mark non-secure pages containing password and credit card input fields as Not Secure in the URL bar.Note: If an address is saved in Google Payments, you can't delete it from Autofill.To change or delete the address, click Edit and sign in. You can save time entering your purchase information by saving credit cards to Chrome Autofill.After filling out a form, you may see a prompt to save the information.

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