Who is tamra barney dating 2016


Their tumultuous relationship played out in front of Bravo’s cameras, and the pair eventually called it quits in 2011 after 13 years of marriage."I am so lucky to be sharing my life with Eddie," the fitness fanatic — who opened C. The fallout came in the wake of Tamra's split and nasty 2011 divorce from Sidney's father Simon, who last year battled Tamra for custody of their three children (Sidney, 17, Spencer, 15, and Sophia, aged nine).And she weirdly looks a lot like Simon’s oldest daughter,” the source adds. Tamra Judge‘s ex-husband Simon Barney is engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Radar has exclusively learned.

When Cohen asked why she kept it hidden from the reality TV show, she said: 'If your child turns her back on you it’s humiliating, its embarrassing.Barney, 51, and Catushia Ienni, 35, have been dating for five years, and she has stood by his side during the vicious custody battle with his reality star ex.But it’s not quite breaking news for those in their inner circle: Radar has exclusively confirmed that Barney proposed to Ienni a year and a half ago, and they’ve managed to keep it a secret since then!And then I’m in the press being called ''a monster mom''…’When Cohen warned that her ex-husband Simon may respond to her speaking out on the reunion, she insisted: 'I don’t care anymore - he’s not going to push me around, tell me what to do.He wrote: 'My ex-wife filed a 19-page contempt order against me in Orange County Superior Court on July 17th regarding my 16-year old daughter Sidney,who I was awarded permanent physical custody in the spring of 2015.'In my ex's contempt order, I believed contained several false allegations about me, including, but not limited to my refusing to follow a court order and parental alienation.A reader posted on The Dirty in 2011 that Simon’s younger girlfriend is already married! The groom’s name is sorta Mexican, maybe he needed a green card. ” a poster claimed, along with the screenshot below of a marriage record.

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