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Sure, as this Ars Technica piece points out, a big problem for Nest is that, despite having access to oodles of money, it doesn’t seem to have gotten much done since being acquired by Google.Last year it released a connected home security camera, Nest Cam, but that was mostly just a rebranding of Dropcam, a home security camera startup Nest purchased in 2014.That’s not small potatoes, but for many folks, this vision of the future remains a hard sell due to things like privacy concerns.A Pew Internet survey from earlier this year reported, for example, that a majority of people said they wouldn’t be willing to install a smart thermostat that could track their movements around their house—something the Nest thermostat does—even if they might get a lower energy bill. Many different types of wildlife come to Pete's Pond including elephant, impala, lions, warthogs, eland and baboons to name a few. Pete's Pond is located in the Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana, Africa.

Like many of us, you’ve probably seen – and perhaps become addicted to – the live streaming Osprey nest cam that Golden Gate Audubon Society launched at the end of March.

Expedition 50 Commander Shane Kimbrough and Flight Engineer Peggy Whitson spent 20 minutes answering questions from students, who have been preparing for months for the “Skype from Space” event by doing space-related research and projects.

Fourth-grader Tavion Mills got the ball rolling: “I know that there are many terrifying things in space like darkness and no oxygen. ” Whitson, who last week set a world record for the most spacewalks by a woman, answered: “You’re right.

Ospreys had never been known to nest directly along the Bay before the 1990s.

But Tony’s study, first published in , documented a nesting trend on San Francisco Bay.

“With that practice, that helps us overcome those fears.” Kindergarteners through sixth-graders peppered the astronauts with questions about life in outer space: What would they change about their suits? How do they communicate and get along with astronauts from other countries? Sometimes we do different tricks in space, actually even with food or just hanging out,” answered Whitson.

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