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To live in Albania is to live free, do whatever, go whereever, but just dont mess with nobody. In america the only thing u dotn have to mess with is LAW, in ALbania is people.

Good muslim albanian girls are regular Albanian girls who do not care aobut religion. saudi man ur funny guy were in the hell did you hear albanians are good natured? all they know is how to kill cheat and steal i mean look at there flag red and black , arent those satanic colors? But we clasify those things in the begining not that we do only those things.

ALbanians know this and they do not do that,if they mess with someone they know the concenquences. ALBANIANS are belivers of TRUTH and REALITY, not belivers of religion. I AM AN ATHEIST TO RELIGIONS, thats the whole idea to define the word ATHEIST for ALBANIANSTo Who Cares ..

Of course we have the system of law there but why would u want to mess with someone though? HONOR wether visible or non, by ALbanians is the main GOD.

Below I give you some basic ideas about their culture but more important websites where to meet them.

Generally ladies in Albania have dark Medeterainian features.

Very little evidence of pre-Christian Albanian culture survives, although Albanian mythology and folklore are of Paleo-Balkanic origin and almost all of their elements are pagan, The Albanian language forms a separate branch of Indo-European, first attested in the 15th century, and is considered to have evolved from one of the Paleo-Balkans languages of antiquity.Little is known about the ancient Balkan people, and they blended into one another in Thraco-Illyrian and Daco-Thracian contact zones even in antiquity.The Albanians first appear in the historical record in Byzantine sources of the 11th century.I am Saudi Man, I like Albania, because it has good nature, and also because the majority are muslims .. It comes a time when one friend has to look at the other different. People in Albania recognize even the smallest thing. So in order to understand one nation, is to understand their coulture, their costums and everything. U cant marry one albanian girl and treat her bad there, because her brother, her father or her uncle or couzin comes to Saudi Arabia and kills you. There is blood avenging in Albania that have started in 1880 and ended in 2003 generation after generation in blood fueds. So lets put it to u this way, look at albanians like they are all gangsters and mafiosis, because they live everyday by that law. has never happened to albanians and never will, he who will comit such thing will make his whole clan disshonored. I wan to marry girl from albania with this requirments: 1. What you dont like what im saying and u want to marry an albanian girl? There is cases of someone that has killed another in 1970 and his son comes and kill his other son in Canada. After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in Europe, following the Balkan Wars, Albania declared its independence in 1912 and was recognized the following year.

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