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And when you can do both, then you’ve reached a state of perpetual living that is truly worth living for.

Additionally, the principle of scarcity can be reverse engineered.

The value in understanding the principle of scarcity is knowing how to use it to increase peoples perception of value in things that are important.Nowhere is this more important, than attracting a woman and turning her from a first date prospect, into a girlfriend, or partner.An initial attraction is one thing, but most guys just don’t feel like they have what it takes, to turn this initial attraction into a date, or a relationship, especially when it comes to someone that you really like.Microsoft recently announced an upcoming price increase for the XBox Live Gold membership fee.When this news broke, a few retailers such as New Egg responded by pushing their existing stock of gift cards (selling the membership at the older, lower price).Maybe she does send a reply, as she’s a polite girl and quite liked you, but the tone just isn’t the same as it was.

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