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There’s a fine balance between loving your man and smothering your man. But, if you put us on a leash, we’ll gnaw it off and go even more crazy once we’re free.My theory is that in the beginning, most women don’t know the guy is a deadbeat loser.He probably is reasonably attractive and tells a good story about his current situation and his ambitions.************************* ************************* ************************* ************************* ************************* ************************* ********** ************************* ******* wowowowowwow. Meaning, "He was fukking ugly, guys." I am telling you, he was ugly. Two sides to a coin, from one angle you could take it as a insult that she would leave you for a obviously less attractive choice.Which begs the question: Settling for a deadbeat loser is like settling for a job you hate.There are way too many people who hate their jobs and keep on doing them, just like there are way too many women who settle for men who treat them poorly.

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That's the kind of face that makes you CERTAIN the guy's got the best drugs in town. It's a somewhat bewildered and certainly superficial kind of angry. And it's entirely possible the dude lassoed her from three blocks away without using rope.

I could go on, but let's just say that the dude fought to the Pain. It's a "how in the world could you consider THAT to be comparable to ME? In my passive-aggressive, jealousy-ridden history with women, other men are The Enemy ( subhuman brutes to be despised for their crudity, but feared for their viciousness. :dubious: And I'm not even trying to make this into an analysis of why relationships go sour or what a new relationship uses as a building block. I address that as follows: Any man I'm jealous of, I don't [i]care how handsome he is. Then again, if someone cute pairs up with someone not-so, I invoke my idea of primitive female biopsychology, ie: he has money, he has swagger, he's a little more of a brute than the rest of 'em.

" No, your brand-new Kia Sephia is NOT comparable to the Corvette you used to drive, and to pretend so is laughable! In high school, I actually laughed out loud when a rival of mine got kicked out the week before graduation. The poll is simple: When you see your old one walking by with an ugly-ass new one, do you get angry for having being considered comparable? My ex hooked up with a fat ugly guy a few weeks after our split. anger mixed with laughter mixed with a bit of confusion.

I happened to come across a photograph of an ex with her new thing.

Now, I'm a fairly literate man, and yes, "thing" is the right word here. I think I remember the guy from the PSA ads about the poor children who had to grow up without benzoyl peroxide.

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