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We know that kids don’t use Facebook in the same way as we use Facebook. Since the launch of Hardwell’s Messenger bot, I’ve sat in front of my computer for hours watching a shit tonne of conversations coming in from millenials interacting with a bot. Because they’ve got sensible parents giving them sensible advice. (I’m not getting into a “Facebook own your data” debate).

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Well according to Pew Research Center I am, thanks Pew…I use Facebook. I occasionally dip into Whats App, and sure I use Messenger to stay in touch with friends. But I really don’t get it, and that’s fine, I don’t need to get it. Follow me to keep up to date with the series :)We’ve also started to compile a handy list of articles all around bots. We’ve also been working on a CMS for bots called The Bot Platform.

This variety of bot talks with you on sites such as Tinder and Facebook.

Programmers design chatbots to simulate real conversation long enough to convince you to buy something, click on a link or offer personal information.

hristopher Russell owned a small bar in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland, but, like a lot people these days, figured he had better odds hooking up online.

Russell was 40 and going through a divorce, so he wasn't seeking anything serious. Shortly after creating his account, he got an alert that one of them had viewed his profile. In order to see more details and contact her, he had to buy credits.

Women also showed a preference to a voice-activated digital assistant over other kinds of conversational AI.

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