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Measurement of health on HUDs was not prominent in the original Grand Theft Auto, as the game has no indication of the player's health - players can easily die from a single gunshot, burning fire, or splash damage from an explosion.Grand Theft Auto 2, however, gave players indication of the health for the first time, measuring it using a 5-heart gauge, with each heart denoted as full, half-sized, and depleted, thus giving the health a 10-level scale.But eyebrows are already being raised over one part of the new game: First-person sex with prostitutes.Needless to say, this will be controversial, and the company has likely deliberately created this aspect of the game in part because it knows it will generate headlines.The original GRAND THEFT AUTO was passed with an MA15 (Medium Level Animated Violence, Adult Themes) rating in October 1997. In their 1997 to 1998 Annual Report, the OFLC acknowledged that the first GTA game was controversial.The Board noted that the 'top-down' animation reduces the cars and the characters in the game to an ant-like perspective which lacks detail or realism, and significantly reduces the impact of the concepts and violence within the game.

Now running on the Play Station 4 and Xbox One, players can enjoy the game in first-person mode, making it seem as if they're really inside the game.

This game has never had problems with the Australian censors.

It is included because it was a controversial title.

For Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto Advance, a numbered counter, with its default maximum as 100%, is used.

For other games from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas onwards, however, a health bar substitutes the counter.

You HAVE TO have the gang member with you, or else it will not work. When talking on the cellphone, press Triangle to end the conversation then quickly switch to the tec9, in your hands you will have a cellphone that shoots!

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