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~Paul Washer If you run to scripture and you stop there, then you’ve missed the entire point of scripture.The point of scripture is to send you on to Christ in a correct fashion, that you might feed from Him.Maritime Moments Jigsaw Puzzle owners Bethe and Rick Cameron have been picturing local scenes as a way to promote their business.Ms Cameron explained that after she and her husband recently broke two shovels, they decided to make a comic video and post it on Facebook.Do you think you’ll ever stop loving your child or worrying about your child? So when she asks about his latest doctor visit, or wonders aloud if he’s getting enough sleep, don’t take it personally. She’s asking because she cares, not because she’s being nosy.Realizing this alone could go a long way to resolving your mother-in-law problems.The poster was a winner in a contest run by the Black Loyalist Society...A photo parody of American Gothic, dubbed Nova Scotia Gothic, was taken right here on Maple Street in Bridgewater (in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia).

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You are a child of God, destined for glory, and called to do great things in His Name.

But even in the best daughter-in-law and mother-in-law relationships, there can be friction—a mother-in-law who comments on her grandchildren’s sleep schedule or a daughter-in-law who gets defensive when her mother-in-law offers to teach her how to make biscuits her way.

She’s kind, funny, and she’s a wonderful grandmother to my kids.

Why would we run for a crown that will perish with time, when we're called to win a crown that is imperishable?

” ― Paul David Washer “I used to tell young preachers, in order to preach you've got to have the power of God on your life.

Marriage is almost as old as dirt, and it was defined in the garden between Adam and Eve. Alzheimer's disease is never an 'accident' in a marriage. In the case of someone with Alzheimer's, this means God's unconditional and sacrificial love has an opportunity to be even more gloriously displayed in a life together.

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