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Conspicuously missing from the Democrats’ arguments with each other over the future of health care is much of a concrete picture of what the magical words “single payer” actually mean. At the time of the Clinton administration reform efforts of the 1990s, the left wanted a “Canadian-style” single-payer system, until the reality that Canada has a provincial system finally sank in.Medicare for all is the current paradigm, but it has not been closely examined.He has looked at Tiananmen Square, he has looked at the Arab Spring, and he has drawn his conclusion: weaken the political control of the party and you jeopardize the entire edifice.Chinese leaders have ramped up their repression of a wide range of civil society organizations and legal activists, including figures such as Xu Zhiyong and Pu Zhiqiang.This includes recognizing and addressing a number of factors that single-payer dreamers have long been loath to acknowledge.First, a move to single payer would not only punish everyone’s favorite bogeyman, the insurance industry, it would also strip employers and employee groups of the ability to make their own purchasing decisions.

Emerging cognitive tools, such as brain-computer interfaces and transcranial magnetic stimulation, could bring revolutionary advances in medicine and our understanding of behaviour.These people will have dates on a regular basis, and they may or may not be having sexual relations.This period of courtship is sometimes seen as a precursor to engagement or marriage.However, according to Swiss-based bioethicists Marcello Ienca and Roberto Andorno, these techniques also raise fundamental questions about human rights that need additional legal protection.Their concerns, published this week, are valid and appropriate, but we must be aware of the consequences of introducing such rights.The embarrassing resemblance here to conservatives’ unquestioning faith in market forces is just one reason to steer clear of any such magical thinking.

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