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She later goes out and buys a bottle but Charlie takes it from her. and Chantay have their own pre-prom, Fiona confesses she drank. Miles starts a rumor that there were drugs in Zig's locker, which could lead to a suspension or expulsion for Zig, but no drugs were found.

Clare is in the storage room calling previous interns of Asher when Bo, Invgar, Dallas and Luke walk in. They take the bullying too far and eventually the bullies pour a bucket of yellow paint and chicken feathers on him during one of his proudest moments. Owen and the jocks ridicule and mock Zane for being gay.

She chooses a ritzy midtown Airbnb space for this endeavor because her Washington Heights apartment in Manhattan, where she lives alone, is a wreck: full of pets (two cats, a Schnoodle, a guinea pig, a rabbit and a snake), tarot cards and hair extensions.

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