Afolder dating

If you’ve ever tried to traverse someone else’s folder structure looking for a document you know what a terrible experience it is.

We often end up frustrated and still without what we set out to find.

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Okay, so I have logs dumped from an application into a certain folder on my disk - I cannot really influence the way they are created, but I'd like to automatically organize the logs which are created every day.

I'm looking for an application that would everyday automatically: - archive the logs folder and add a date to the name OR - simply add a date to the yesterday's log file Any ideas on how to achieve either one of those goals?

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The end user simply starts uploading and managing documents they way they’ve known on the file share and/or their local hard drives.

But if folders are used in a similar fashion to one’s hard drive it is indicative in a lack of understanding.

This isn’t entirely the fault of the end users mind you.

The solution to the problem is found in proper and complete training.

Let’s take a look at the major reasons to avoid folders in document libraries.

Do you want to back pedal on have the appearance of being ridiculed?

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